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Establishing a healthy and safe working environment for lone workers can be different from organizing the health and safety of other crew members - they should not be put at more risk than other crew working onboard.

It will often be safe to work alone. However, managers should think about and deal with any health and safety risks before people are allowed to do so.

One option is to provide these crew members with lone worker protection and emergency calling equipment; thereby improving the chances of a successful outcome should the worst happen.   

Protection can be provided for: -  

  • Engineering Areas

  • Catering Areas

  • Deck Areas (Portable Units)

Remember – it’s better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it!

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SOLO is intended to supplement existing "dead-man" alarm systems required for UMS operations.  

It is often the case that duty engineers will find themselves alone in the engine room for prolonged periods i.e. during standbys, when the ship is under pilotage, transiting confined waters or undertaking general nightly duties.  

Whilst the "dead-man" alarm is available, experience shows that it is often under used due to the perceived inconvenience of having to press a reset button at pre-determined intervals especially during periods of repair or insufficient reset points..   

SOLO protects the engineers - whilst in the ECR - by detecting their movements using PIR motion sensors. Should an engineer remain motionless, through incapacity or otherwise, beyond the set time period a pre-alarm is activated. Failure to respond to this warning will result in the main alarms being activated. If if still unacknowledged the ship's alarm will be triggered leading, eventually, to the engineer's call system alerting off duty engineers to a possible problem in the ER.  

When outside the ECR the engineers have access to manual reset buttons and / or portable wireless reset / call key fob transmitters, with receivers situated around the engine room.  

These manual reset buttons and / or wireless reset / call transmitters are also programmed to be used as "Call for Assistance". 

Button 1: -

One short press (<3secs) resets the interval timer

One long press (>3secs) bypasses the interval timer and immediately activates the staged alarms.

Button 2: -

The main A/V can be activated as long as the wireless button is pressed. Useful for signaling to other engineering staff.  

Remote interval timer on – off panels,

Situated at the main ER entry points, allows the engineers to set the interval timer running as they enter the E/R.   

Ship's Alarm Plant Connection

The interval period timer will be set to ‘On’ automatically when an E/R alarm is activated & will remain on till switched off manually using one of the timer on-off selectors.

The ship's alarm will be activated  should the first and second stage alarms go unacknowledged. leading eventually to the cabin call system alerting off duty engineers to a possible situation developing

Engine Room Manned / Unmanned Option.

In the Manned position the interval timer is forced on and remains on till the Unmanned option is once again selected. The timer on-off selectors are disable to prevent the interval timer being switched off with the ER still manned.

Incapacitated Personnel Location

It's one thing knowing there’s a man down, it’s another finding them quickly. The sooner the injured person receives attention the better, to this end a portable 140db personnel location alarm can be provided.

  • Supplements existing UMS Dead-man Alarms

  • Engineer’s normal motion resets the interval timer using PIR motion sensors in the ECR

  • Selectable 10mins - 15mins - 20mins interval periods, depending on weather conditions gives better protection

  •  Reset by manual push button panels or by using small portable wireless key=fob style transmitters

  • Emergency "Call for Assistance" to immediately signal help is required

  • Pre-alarm reminder to reset timer before main alarm is activated


  • Bridge indicator panel provides supervisory  staff visual / audible indication when ER is occupied or help is required

  • ER access points – timer on/off remote panels

  • Connects to the ship's alarm plant for automatic timer on when ER alarm activates.

  • Ship's alarm activated at alarm stage 3

  • Portable 140db personal alarm to aid in the locating of the injured person  

  • Can also connect to a paging transmitter for signaling outside the normal machinery areas

  System Overview    
  Equipment - View / Download Brochure For More Detailed Information    
Main Control Unit (MCU)
Pre-Alarm – flashing blue LED & pulsing 80dB sounder Elapsed Time Counter
Time Period Selector – rotary selector switch Power On / Off Key Switch
Reset / Call for Assistance Push Button IP66 nEnclosure
Timer On / Off – Set / Reset interval Timer
Manual Reset Unit
Reset / Call for Assistance Push Button  
Interval Timer Elapsed Indicator  
IP66 Enclosure  
Remote Timer On-Off Unit
Illuminated Push Buttons - Timer On-Off  
Timer On Indication  
IP66 Enclosure  
Bridge Indicator Unit
Main Alarm Active Indication IP66 Enclosure
Timer Running Indication  
Indicator Dimmer  
Audible Alarm Silence  
Auto Reset PIR Motion Sensor
Dual Optics Motion Detection  
Installed in ECR  
Double Pulse Count to Reduce False Detections  
High Output Sounder / Beacon
For Use in Main ER IP66
112dB Output  
32 Selectable Tones  
Flashing Xenon Beacon  
Standard Output Sounder / Beacon
For Use in Lower Ambient Noise Areas IP66
98dB Output  
32 Selectable Tones  
Flkashing Xenon Beacon  
Wireless Reset / Emgy Call Rx
Operates on 868MHz License Free Frequencies  
4 x Independent Output Relays  
Rugged IP68 Construction  
Wireless Reset / Emgy Call Tx
Operates on 868MHz License Free Frequencies  
1km range (Line-of-Sight)  
Long Battery Life  
Personnel Locator Alarm
Portable Alarm / Locator Unit  
140dB High Frequency Output  
Ripcord Activation  
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