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Establishing a healthy and safe working environment for lone workers can be different from organizing the health and safety of other crew members - they should not be put at more risk than other crew working onboard.

It will often be safe to work alone. However, managers should think about and deal with any health and safety risks before people are allowed to do so.

One option is to provide these crew members with lone worker protection and emergency calling equipment; thereby improving the chances of a successful outcome should the worst happen.  

Protection can be provided for: - 

  • Engineering Areas

  • Catering Areas

  • Deck Areas (Portable Units)

Remember – it’s better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it!


SOLO is intended to supplement any existing protection systems already in use.

It is often the case that deck workers will find their selves alone on open deck areas, working in tanks, cofferdams, cargo holds…etc…etc for protracted periods i.e. during upgrading, repairs and routine maintenance scheduled duties.

SOLO consists of a portable hand carried alarm and emergency transmission unit powered by high capacity lithium polymer (LiPo) rechargeable batteries. A key switch is provided to activate the unit and start the interval timer; once the unit is activated the key can be removed and carried by the worker for safety.
The interval timer is set to 15 mins and should be reset periodically using the portable “key-fob” sized wireless transmitter which has an 150m range and is paired to its individual base unit.

During normal operations the worker should press the key-fob TX's reset button at any time during the interval time (15mins), this will reset the timer to zero. If the worker – for whatever reason - is unable to use the wireless reset the interval timer will run its course and then activate the staged alarms


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  Equipment - View / Download Brochure For More Detailed Information    
Portable Base Station
High Capacity LiPo Batteries Wireless or PB Reset / Emgy Call
Battery Capacity / Voltage Meter Test Push Button
Wireless Rx Paired With Key-fob Reset / Emgy Call Tx 100dB Local Sounder / Beacon
Coded Unique ID Radio Tx to Bridge Unit Rugged IP66 Enclosure
Power On-Off Key Switch  
Base Station Stand
Secure Storage For Base Station  
Battery Charging Station  
Wireless Key-fob Tx
868MHz license fee frequency  
1.5km range (Line-of-Sight)  
Long battery life (+5 years)    
Bridge Alarm Panel
Receives Emgy Calls From Baser Station Test Push Button
Emgy Call Alarm Indication Alarm Silence PB
Unique Emgy Call Base Station ID Display  
Power On-Off Key Switch  
Extension Alarm
Displays unique ID of Portable Base Station  
Audible Alarm  
Installed in Public SAreas  
Outer Deck Alarm
Wide area signaling  High output industrial sounder
116dB @ 1m IP65  
Multi-tone selection  
Wireless Emcy Call Rx
868MHz license free operation 1Km range
RS232 serial data communication supported Hard ABS IP68 Case  
Point-to-multi-point communications    
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