Protection for switchboards, switchgear, HV equipment, transformers, motors, pumps, cargo gear, azipods, thrusters bearings…etc.
Compact form non-contact IR sensors can be positioned to permanently monitor rotating contact areas, i.e. motor end covers with bearing keeps, shaft support pillar bearings, pump white metal bearings…etc.

It is often the case that the failure of ‘small cost’ items, such as bearings, can cause extremely expensive damaged to their associated machinery. As bearings start to deteriorate they tend to generate heat – this can be measured.

By monitoring bearing temperatures, this increase in normal running temperature can be flagged up before total failure and therefore hopefully save the parent machine.

Switchboard failures are often preceded by bus-bar and switchgear temperature rise – again this can be measured.

Bus-bar fish plate joints can, due to vibration, work loose thereby causing heat rise through increased contact resistance. Support insulator breakdown can cause surface tracking - again causing dangerous heat rise.

ATEX (EEX) adapter kit: (double zener barriers) available for hazardous area monitoring.

Protect against inadvertent entry into unauthorized spaces i.e. confined spaces, paint lockers, cofferdams, tank spaces…etc.

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Local Control Unit
4 Line Text Display 8 IR Sensor Inputs
High Temp Alarm Indication O/P to Ship’s Alarm Plant or Alarm Unit
Alarm Unit
4 Line Text Display Selectable 6 Local Control Unit Inputs
High Temp Alarm Indication O/P to Alarm Plant or SCADA
thermoMETER CT
Spot IR Temperature Sensor
General Use : CT-SF02-C3 0 – 10V / 4 – 20mA 
Transformers, motors, pumps, bearings...etc  
-50oC to 975o C  
Standard focus : 100 - 800mm  
thermoMETER CTM3
Spot IR Temperature Sensor
Shiny Metal : CT-M3F22-C3 0 – 10V / 4 – 20mA 
Switchboards, switchgear, busbars...etc  
-50oC to 975o C  
Standard focus : 200 - 1600mm  
thermoMETER CS
Spot IR Temperature Sensor
General Use :  CS-FS15-C3 Integrated Electronics   
General use
-40oC to 400oC  
thermoMETER CTex
ATEX Conversion Kit
ATEX Zone 1 / 2  
9002/22-032-300-111 (zener barriers)    
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