Un-manned off-shore platforms are by their very nature exposed & vulnerable to intrusions. These unauthorized intrusions are not just a nuisance; they can be very costly in production down-time and lost equipment.

With the use of PIR motion sensors located around the boat landing platform it is possible to detect any unauthorized approach / access to the platform from seaward, once detected the intruder can be driven away using non-lethal Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRADs).

The acoustic energy being sufficient to cause actual physical pain and discomfort which only gets worse the closer they get to the rig. Wireless remote control allows maintenance personnel to switch the system on / off at a safe distance.

Protect against inadvertent entry into unauthorized spaces i.e. confined spaces, paint lockers, cofferdams, tank spaces…etc.

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  • 30m x 50m detection area
  • Sound Power Level (SPL) of 149dB @ 1m

  • Instructional voice messages and warning tones

  • Multiple languages available

  • Wireless remote control on/off for maintenance staff

  • Rugged construction, sealed to IP65


System includes ...

  • 4 outward facing & 1 inward facing PIR long range wide angle motion sensors giving full 360 degree coverage.
  • 4 long range acoustic devices (LRADs) pointing outwards in each direction
  • 1 LRAD facing inwards
  • Wireless on/off remote control for use by maintenance personnel 




  • Wireless alarm reset & testing

  • Rugged main control panel housing MP3 player for issuing verbal commands and warning tones

  • Variety of languages and phrases available

  • Can be connected to platforms scada equipment (NO or NC clean contact

  System Overview    
  Equipment - View / Download Brochure For More Detailed Information    
  LRAD 500X - RE
Powerful, intelligible communications up to 2000 meters All weather use - sealed to IP65
Variable beam width for extended coverage Low power consumption
Instantly create acoustic stand-off perimeter  
Rugged military tested construction   
  LRAD 100X
Smaller less powerful version of the LRAD 500X - RE.  
Powerful, intelligible communications up to 600 meters  
50m x 30m detection range Creep / look down zone detection
Intelligent PIR logic with dual "quad optics" Automatic adjustment for ambient light and temp
  Wireless Remote Control
2Km operational range Sealed to IP68
868MHz license free frequencies High security RF transmission protocol
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