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Long range fixed/portable 8 zone wireless PIR motion sensing intruder detection system.

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Wireless - up to 1km range - PIR (30m detection) motion sensors form an invisible barrier to protect the relatively unguarded outboard side of the vessel whilst in port. Detect any unwanted "guests" trying to board by unauthorised means.

Typical Uses

High Risk Piracy Areas
Strategically placed wireless PIR motion detectors will alert security staff to possible intrusions without exposing ship’s staff to unnecessary risks.

In Port Security
Detect unwanted guests who try to gain access to your vessel. Protect the relatively un-patrolled outboard side of the vessel.

Stowaway Prevention
As the stowaway patrol is undertaken, deploy PIR motion sensors to protect areas already declared clear. Any further movements in these areas could well be stowaways.

Crew Safety Monitoring
Protect against inadvertent entry into unauthorized spaces i.e. confined spaces, paint lockers, cofferdams, tank spaces…etc.

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