Here at CVM we can provide 'out-the-box' products or bespoke systems designed, manufactured and programmed to your specific requirements. As all of our systems are extremely flexible we are more than happy to discuss your particular installation requirements. If we don't have exactly what you're looking for, get in touch as we still maybe able to help.

Through our partnership with Kvasir-Group Ltd - specialist marine approved cabling installers - we can offer full turn key solutions.


Marine Lone Worker Protection

Gives added protection for lone workers by providing simple one button, wireless, call for help from anywhere, with the added convenience of remote time interval resetting by portable key fob transmitters. PIR motion sensors provide automatic resetting in the ECR - useful for engineers on long standbys

Versions Available...

Wind Turbines
CCTV Surveillance

Fitting a CCTV surveillance system not only improves safety and security - especially in high risk of piracy areas - but can also benefit cargo operations by providing monitoring crucial areas i.e. discharge manifolds, holds...etc.

Surveillance Uses...

Anti-Piracy Protection
Stowaway Detection
Cargo Operations
Remote ER Monitoring
Unmanned Platforms Acoustic Area Denial

Help prevent unauthorized access to offshore unmanned production platforms.
Reduce production downtime caused by theft or damage to equipment and materials.

The approach of possible intruders is detected by long range, wide angle (100m x 30m) PIR motion sensors; any detected approaches trigger high powered long range acoustic devices. A verbal warning is issue followed by a high pitch modulating sound weave that causes extreme pain and discomfort - which only worsens the closer the approach.

Wireless remote control deactivates the system whilst outside the detection range - for maintenance and service personnel.
Wireless PIR Intruder Detection

Strategically placed wireless PIR motion detectors can help prevent unauthorized access by unwanted 'guests'. Detect piracy boarding without the need to expose staff to danger.

Protect areas already covered during stowaway searches.
Monitor restricted areas, holds, tanks, cofferdams from unauthorized entries.

Long range, encrypted wireless connection between detector heads and base station

Easily deployed with no trailing wiring.
Elevator/Lift Car Presence Indication

Fatal accidents have occurred due to faulty equipment allowing distracted personnel to enter empty elevator/lift shafts when they expect the car to be in position.

Measures can be put in place to detect the correct positioning of the car prior to the elevator doors opening. An indicator/alarm warning device draws the users attention to the status of the car's position.

Motion sensor detects any approach and displays status of elevator/lift car position - with audible alarm warning if incorrect position.

Remote Temperature Monitoring

Remote temperature monitoring and display for critical machinery and electrical equipment using  non-contact IR temp sensors. Hazardous area (ATEX) sensors also available.

Typical Monitored Equipment...

Switchboards, switch gear, transformers, starter panels, HV panels, motors, heaters...etc.
Drives, thrusters, azipods, motors, steering gear, alternators...etc.
Pumps, bearings, couplings...etc.

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